How to land your ideal job!

How to land your ideal job!

   So a lot of people crib about not finding the right job, infact would like to believe that % could be extremely high. But why is the case, why do we crib about the job or for that matter how do find the job that we would like?


The answer is simple, we need to do some research before we apply for the job! We have this big problem of following what everyone around us are doing, so one of your friends or colleagues apply for the job, you will too. However the important thing is, whether it is that job that you have always dreamt of. Remember only when you enjoy what you are doing, is when you excel. Sachin Tendulkar wouldn’t have been a cricket icon if his heart was in football. So you need to become Sachin Tendulkar of your field.


So how do you go about it, the easiest and probably the most helpful is LinkedIn. On this platform you’ll be able to find not only jobs but also people who are already doing similar jobs. Check their profiles and see if the things that they are doing interest you. For e.g. we all love to get into that investment banking sector and earn fat bonuses, however are you aware there are possible over a hundred roles that you can apply. So check which one interests you the most, probably easiest it to link it to your studies. If youre an ACCA, and have taken keen interest in Audits, then check for audit profiles.


We spoke with Zaheer Sayed, ACCA from Financial Planning Academy ( and he had similar views. Quote “ I get so many people who reach out to me who want to know what’s it like working for UBS or EY or Steria, and I am always happy to give whatever insights possible. It gives immense happiness if someone gets a job and you were able to play a small part in that. So always feel free to reach out.”


Glassdoor is another platform where you can find a lot about the company and people working there. It gives you good insights, about the culture, payscales etc, therefore also helpful to check there which company you would most like to work for. Continuing  from ACCA example, you might want to look up for EY, KPMG, PWC etc. and see what the employees in these organisations are saying about their experience.


Lastly, you can also check in your friends and family network. This sometimes work the best, and in the world of wastapp today, with one message you can reach out to people all over the world. See if anyone close to you has anyone close to them working at these companies. E.g. you may have someone knowing a partner at EY, if you can get introduced to them, the partner from EY can give plethora of information. About culture, jobs, salaries, career path etc. So use this network wisely, who knows, the hiring manager maybe some your family knows closely.


So the point being, that we apply for jobs, use every possible platform to do the research and then apply for it. The effort tells a lot about your seriousness of the job. If someone can spend so much time just to be prepared for interview, what will the same person to excel at work, is the kind of message you’ll give to the interviewer. So all the best for your job hunt, may you land your Dream Job!

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