Did you sit the ACCA June 2021 Exams???

ACCA exam

   Did you sit the ACCA June 2021 Session Based Remote Exams,?if yes, then there is something happening which will make you all the more proud about the beloved body ACCA!

So the first week of ACCA exams were slightly challenging due to the technical issues with the On Vue systems, ACCA’s proctoring partner or atleast that was the feedback we got from the students that we connected with. So there were huge wait times at the check in, some had to wait almost for over 2 hours to get in and start their exams. Some unfortunately couldn’t give the exams despite all the wait.

Ofcos you would know that the ACCA exams does usually provide the second week to resit the skill level papers should you miss the first week. And luckily and thank god, the exams were conducted successfully and most of the skill level students were able to sit the exams. However unfortunately the professional level students weren’t able to sit the exams in second week as the ACCA doesn’t allow the exams in second week for P level students.

ACCA appreciates students put in the time and efforts that are put in towards every sitting and therefore its heart-breaking if anyone misses the attempt. And therefore to reduce the students displeasure, ACCA has this time as a goodwill gesture provided a refund of 50% of the exam fees for the students that had sat the exams. This credit is over and above any refunds you would have received for a non-successful attempt of exam. Therefore if you are a P level student, and wasn’t able to sit SBR paper due to the technical issues, you would ideally get 147 pounds back along with 73.5 pounds as a goodwill gesture. Also this credit would be given whether you were able to sit the exams or not, so everyone gets it, so a bonus for ones who were able to sit the exams.

The extra credit doesn’t completely take away the pain for not sitting the exam, what we should highly appreciate that the body has accepted the shortcoming and without any hue and cry from stakeholders has proactively given this over and above credit. It is for this reason we are extremely proud of ACCA and being a strong advocate of the body and we will continue to do so. Look out for the credit in your accounts in about 10 days time. Stay safe!

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