ACCA Salaries in India

ACCA Salaries in India

   A lot of our members constantly reach out to us with this Most Important Question, how much can you earn in India post or even while doing ACCA.

First things first, salaries are very subjective where in its not only your ACCA qualification, but also other qualifications like are you an undergraduate, graduate or masters already when applying for job. Similarly, job salaries would depend on are you an absolute fresher, 1-3 years’ experience, 3-5 years’ experience etc. Then within this do you have experience which is relevant to the current profile, worked with Big4’s or MNC’s previously, and the list goes on. So hopefully you can understand that salary is not as straight forward you would like it to be.

Moving on, let’s say you are a Fresh Graduate and already done with 9 papers in ACCA. If you start with Big 4’s like EY, KPMG, in their Statutory Audit roles then you can expect salaries of 4-5 lacs. Similarly, if you go for MNC’s like Accenture, WNS, you can expect salaries of 3-5 lacs. If you work for smaller practices again salaries start with 2.5 lacs plus.

For an undergraduate you can discount the above salaries by 30% as despite ACCA 9 papers in itself is a big accomplishment, degree continues to be a prerequisite for most of the jobs. However here we would like to add that students can negotiate, as it can be different for 2 people at same level and same number of papers cleared.

Moving onto if you are done with ACCA, and you start with EY or other top firms like GT, BDO, Baker Tilly who are hiring ACCA’s in big numbers you would be able to start with salaries starting 8 lacs. In our conversation with Zaheer A Sayed, ACCA, one of the most experienced ACCA Faculties teaching at Financial Planning Academy (FPA) – ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner, he reaffirmed “Our students have been in recent months placed at EY and Baker Tilly Statutory Audits, with part qualified ACCA’s getting salaries as high as 5 lacs. Also recent placement drive at QX, an outsourcing firm gave offers to students with just 3-4 papers cleared salaries of 3.5 lacs. So Salaries are no problem as long as you are able to do well in the interviews, and most importantly complete your qualification, as this only a start. Experienced professionals can get salaries of 20 plus lacs with experience of 7-8 years.”


So like you can see ACCA Salaries in India are extremely good and if your are thinking about pursuing the course then feel remember the Return on Investment is brilliant. On that note, we would like to wish you all the very best, may you all get handsome salaries. We would like to thank Zaheer Sir again for his valuable inputs, and wish FPA and its students very best of luck!

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