Recent Changes in GSTR 3B From August 2020.


On the basis of GSTR 1 filed by the taxpayer a new system computed PDF will be available for filing of GSTR 3B (Table 3 for Liabilities). This system computed liabilities will be available along with break up of various heads under which we need to file in GSTR 3B. This facility is currently available to only Monthly filers of GSTR 1. Soon it will be made available for Quarterly filers.

The values mentioned in system computed PDF for GSTR 3B is available only for assistance. It is available to us to verify the liabilities before filing of GSTR 3B as it will help us to find if there is any difference between GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B. This will help the taxpayers to reconcile if any difference between GSTR 3B and GSTR 1, before filing of GSTR 3B.

This facility will be available on GSTR 3B dashboard after filing of GSTR 1 within few minutes.

Steps to generate system generated PDF is as follows –

  • File GSTR 1 for the Month.
  • Go on the Dashboard of GSTR 3B.
  • On the bottom click on “GSTR 3B System Computed (PDF)”.
  • A PDF file will be downloaded.

This will help a lot of Taxpayers as most of them always find some discrepancy between GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B. From these they can now reconcile before filing GSTR 3B.



-Akash Girish Doshi


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