How to avoid FAILING ACCA Exams

How to avoid FAILING ACCA Exams

  With the results out, we are hoping that all of you passed with flying colours and closer to your final destination of being able to out the prestigious alphabets “ACCA” in front of your name.

Ofcos we also appreciate the reality that all would have cleared with some missing the golden 50 marks by a mark or so. Therefore we spoke with our expert Zaheer Sayed, ACCA on how to avoid failing in the ACCA exams.

Firstly PRACTICE is the key. Not just reading the textbooks, or reading the solutions, irrespective of how many time you do it, unless you don’t write them, unless you don’t solve them, it’s a difficult exam to crack. Therefore if you really want to ensure that your speed is upto the mark, you are able to put your thoughts in the time bound manner, then PRACTICE solving the questions and writing the long answers. Do the past papers, exam kits, mocks, everything you can!

This is also brings to our next common mistake of not TIMING the paper. Students are able to sometimes write the best of the answers, however by not being able to complete the paper is a bigger disaster than writing a half bad answer. Therefore time every question to the marks given, keep an eye on the watch and if the times up, move to the next and come back to this question later. You won’t get extra marks for writing extra, only what is needed.

Also brings to our next suggestion which is reading the REQUIREMENTS! So often it happens that we write answers that we know and we love, however not what’s expected. No matter how beautiful the answer is, if you have not met the requirements, you get ZERO marks, yes you heard that right. The examiner will not pity, as they have to be objective. Therefore read the requirement, spend extra minute but don’t mess this very important.

Lastly, to ensure you definitely clear is to use the practice platform. This is specific to skill level and knowledge level students. The practice platform has so many mocks, that the students don’t need to look elsewhere. It is criminal if students go and sit the exams without having done ALL the mocks available. Time yourself, check the answers, get some constructive feedback from your friends and faculty and ensure you are able to crack the mocks in the stipulated time. Use the short cuts where possible, use tables where needed, the presentation especially in P Level is key to getting good marks.

If the students do all of the above, no reason why they should fail. And if they do, like the cliché goes, “It’s not FAILURE, Its unfinished SUCCESS!”

All the best for the upcoming exams!!!


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