How does an ACCA find a job???


  This probably is one of the most important questions for all the students that are currently pursuing ACCA or planning to do the course or are already done. So how does one find a job post ACCA?

The answer is simple; you have to hunt for the right job!!! Finding job as an ACCA is no different from how you would find a job after any other degree or a qualification like CA, CS, CMA, MBA etc. Therefore the tips and tricks are similar. However we will try to cover things which are critical for ACCA’s in this article.

  1. Firstly decide which profile interests you the most, Accounts, Finance, Audit, Tax etc. Since ACCA is flexible enough about the career choice you want to make, and doesn’t have to be Audits as your first love, so look around, do research, talk to people in your circle, check with your faculties and select your core domain
  2. Then accordingly look at the what’s the epitome you can reach in the field you have identified. For e.g. you like audits, so becoming a partner would be the final destination. You like finance and accounting, CFO would be a the final position. You look finance per se, then consulting principal could be the final spot. And once you know what that position is, start to search for people at that level and see what all have they done to get to the level. It’s commonly said, the easiest thing to do is copy success. So go on linkedin, check in your circle for CFO’s, Partners and Principals and see how did they progress to that level. This way you will learn what jobs you’ll need to do, skills you need to possess to get to that final spot
  3. Lastly, once you have identified where to start from, say a practice and say an intern, network with your friends and family and see if reference available. Most of the job market continues to be hidden away and only accessible through network. So do that as much as possible. If need be, connect with people on linkedin, the HR teams of companies hiring, follow their pages, subscribe to their newsletter etc. This way you’ll ensure that youre applying to jobs as soon as they come up. So the key here is NETWORK.


Another important bit that would help in your job hunt journey is the Positive attitude. Lets say you applied for 5 jobs and none of them called you back, don’t stress. This happens to everyone at all levels all the time. So take it easy, try to check if the HR can give you some feedback, and work on that area and look for the next best job. Don’t wait for the dream job, there’s  a reason why its called a dream J So pick up whatever jobs available, keep getting the experience and then take the jump.


Also work on your resume, make sure your core competencies like auditing, GST, IFRS etc. are highlighted so that the companies know what they are looking at. Finally, the jobs are galore, but for the right person. Therefore make sure you become the right person for the company and you’ll never have a challenge finding one.


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