Automation Everywhere, should you worry?

If the experts from the industry are to be believe

   If the experts from the industry are to be believed, over 25% of current jobs are going to be automated by the end of this decade. Some said that 2050 is dooms day for people with low skilled jobs. So what should you really do about it, should you be scared?

Increased adoption and evolution of Automation & Artificial Intelligence brings along scepticism of a large number of roles and skills displacement. Instead, automation and AI should be used to evolve job roles and help make human workers more effective,” Arjun Jolly, Principal, Athena Executive Search & Consulting said. It is therefore now a norm in making that upskill or perish.

Of cos there are some roles that can never really be automated, at least not fully. For e.g. Customer Relationship management. This role requires the person to understand the customer which cannot really always be done by asking set of questions, but needs a human touch of understanding body language, the vibe of customer and most importantly their perceptions. So for people wanting to get into this role can relax for a while.

“So, jobs like solutions architect, designers, professionals providing hospitality services, and consultants having the ability to integrate systems and processes, would remain much in demand, IMHO. In essence, skills with the ability to provide superlative customer experiences would be the skills of the future,” Ruchika Godha, COO, Advaiya said. This means if you really want to safe guard your future career, you need to be either very creative or have strategic thinking.

Only those that are able to bring value to jobs would be able to survive the next wave of automation. Make sure you understand the concepts of whatever you study, be it commerce, science, arts etc. you need to know the ‘why’ behind everything you learn as that will help you improvise processes where possible. Therefore don’t be scared of automation, learn to own the automation. This will not only let you stay ahead of the game, it will make you the creator of the game.

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